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Many families are currently in self-isolation, with many spending an extended amount of time together under one roof. This may be an unfamiliar situation because the kids are all at home, the parents work from home or are not currently employed, and relatives could be staying in the same place, too. That being said, it is a good idea to make the most of this time by engaging in a few activities that include everyone, regardless of age.

Just because you and your family have to stay home, it does not mean that every day has to be boring or filled with anxiety. Keep everyone’s spirits and morale high by trying out a few of these activities:

  1. Family movie night. Do you miss watching movies in the movie theatres? There is no reason why you cannot set up something similar at home. Gather the family together in a room with a bed and a blank wall. You can download Bigo or a different video streaming service to your laptop and connect it to a projector to really replicate that cinema feel and effect. Do not forget to wear your cosiest pyjamas, snuggle up with soft pillows and blankets, and prepare movie snacks for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Have a picnic. If your family used to have picnics at a local park during the weekends, why not have one in your backyard or rooftop instead? Plan a menu full of portable bites like sandwiches and sliced fruit, pack it in a basket, and eat it outside on a picnic blanket or table. It might be a nice change from the usual way that your family has been having meals together. The fresh air and sunlight will do everyone good as well.
  3. Cook something together. Being in self-isolation is one of the best excuses to get back in the kitchen and even explore new recipes. Make it more fun by including your whole family! Choose a dish that requires quite a bit of effort to make like lasagne, dumplings, fish pie, and more. Let the little ones handle simpler tasks like mashing vegetables and fruits, forming shapes, or mixing ingredients. The adults can take care of the more complicated tasks. Not only is this a fun and educational activity that everyone can enjoy, but the whole family can share a meal afterwards. Want to make it more interesting? Make multiple versions of the same dish using different sauces to vary the flavour and texture and have a taste test to judge which one is the best.
  4. Make an obstacle course in your backyard. Keep the little ones occupied and entertained by enlisting the help of the adults to build a kid-friendly obstacle course for them. Make the course as challenging as you’d like, and be resourceful by using items found in your house. Afterwards, you can just let the kids go through the course. Make it into a game by having the kids complete the course blindfolded by following the instructions of an adult or by seeing who can go through the course the fastest. There is a lot of fun to be had with an obstacle course.
  5. Go down memory lane. Do you have old photos or home videos that haven’t been shown off in a while? Being stuck at home can be the best excuse to compile them all into a digital album and take a look at them with your family. Scan the photos if you haven’t yet and convert the old videos into formats that are compatible with your mobile devices. Gather the whole family in the living room to view the pictures and videos while exchanging stories from the past. A bit of nostalgia can go a long way during quarantine, after all.
  6. Plan a treasure hunt. Children love a good treasure hunt, so why not organise one for your little ones? You and the adults can work together on all the details, from deciding on what the treasure will be to designing a map that will serve as a guide. To make things more interesting, you can even hide clues around the house that will help point the kids in the right direction towards the treasure.
  7. Go camping indoors. Does your family miss the great outdoors? It may not be a forest, but your living room can serve as a good camping ground; you just have to be a bit more creative with it. Build pillow forts and tents using household items, tell spooky stories while sitting around a lamp or candle, and eat snacks like s’mores and hotdogs. No need to worry about bugs, long drives, or catching the coronavirus either!

It is easy to feel down or anxious while your family is in self-isolation. Engaging in a fun activity with your loved ones can prevent things from getting too depressing, and it brings everyone together as well. With things the way they are at the moment, spending quality time with the people that you care about the most can be the best way to keep yourself entertained and sane while you’re stuck at home.

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