Seat-Tite Car Seat Installation Kit

Our Story

If a car seat is installed so that there is minimal movement if you have an accident the energy created is transmitted to the seat and not to the child. All car seat manufacturers say that is alright to have some movement when installing the car seat that is because up until the invention of Seat-Tite this security wasn't possible. Using Seat-Tite guarantees that your child's car seat will be "secure" to your car. By using Seat-Tite there is minimal movement in the car seat which is the ultimate goal for safety. Seat-Tite is patented Worldwide.

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Safe Kids Worldwide say that 80% of all children's car seats are put in too loosely. Therefore in the event of an accident a child's head or face can hit the back of the front seat causing a serious injury. Race car drivers seats are welded into the car so that in the event of an accident the energy released is transmitted to the car rather than to the driver.

Meet the Owner

Steve Berger is the current inventor of Seat-Tite, Graduate of US Naval Academy with degree in Engineering, Inventor of Mighty-Tite, past owner of Diono car seats.

Steve Berger

Steve Berger

Founder & CEO

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Be the 1st to own the Ultimate Seat-Tite to secure your child's safety in the car. You will receive one Seat-Tite delivered to your home (Retail will be $39.95).