Seat-Tite guarantees that your child's car seat will be "secure" in your car. This allows you to get to the recommended 1 inch of movement or less for your car seat.   Seat-Tite is patented Worldwide.

Easy-Tite Device

Easy-Tite device is a patent pending device that allows you to seperate the cushions making it easy to attach the latch belt in the car seat.

Easy Use Latch belt

Easy-Use Latch Belt is a device that allows you to easily attach the latch belt to your car.

Easy-Tite Wedge device in action.

The Easy-Tite device allows you to be able to easily seperate the cushions to attach the latch belt to the car.

Seat-Tite is the Quick & Easy Tightener

Here at Seat-Tite we are happy to be able to provide a way to make life easier while securing your child in their car seat.  By using our patent-pending device you will be able to secure your child's car seat with ease.

Seat Tite Logo

Next Steps...

We've launched on Indiegogo.  Please help us share this news and be our newest backer!  Our perks our worth taking advance of right now!  You get one Seat-Tite, one Easy-Tite wedge, and one Easy Use Seat Belt.